More summer prep

We returned from our adventures in the mountains to return to rain storms in Tapachula and heat and humidity in Marina Chiapas. Our air conditioner is now our best friend. It is keeping the living spaces in the boat cool. We also put some sunshades on the deck to help reduce the heat inside the boat.

We are slowly working through the list of chores to get the boat ready for summer. Lines were removed, washed, and dried. Stainless is getting polished. We fueled up – you can’t leave a big airspace in the tank, or you get condensation – water in the diesel is bad.

Our dock master brought us some mangos from trees he planted over the 20 or so years he’s worked here. There’s four varieties of mangos amongst other fruits. One mango is a pineapple cross. You massage the mango until it’s mush inside. Then you cut a hole in the bottom and suck out the juices. Mary seemed to like it!

Mary did get to the local village to get some shopping done. She was pleasantly surprised at the selection of tienda to get staples for the boat. And they have a nice sign.



  1. I hope the day comes when I have earned half the knowledge you guys possess. Sailing in SF Bay has been the best thing ever for us but humbling equally. I love reading your experiences and hope one day to get a taste of what you two live. 👍


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