Coffee Plantation Tour

While hanging out in the pool at Marina Chiapas, we were asked if we wanted to go on a tour to a local coffee plantation. Of course we said yes. There were about 15 people in 2 vans heading to the mountains north of Tapachula.

Our guide, Tony, was great. He speaks several languages and teaches English as his second job. We arrived at a beautiful plantation that not only produces coffee, they have cottages to rent, a pool, spa, dining and of course beautiful gardens.

We saw many beautiful flowers and interesting plants. One flower is a natural bug repellent. The flower is firm like a cactus and when you squeeze it liquid comes out and you put it on your skin, and, no bugs!

The machines they use to process the coffee are all powered by water. The machines are about 100 years old and still work. The process is interesting. The beans are picked by hand, then poured into a giant area filled with water. The good beans sink, and the bad beans float. After the beans are washed, they are set in the sun to dry. If it is raining, they are put in huge dryers. Once dry, the beans are sent on a shaking conveyor belt that shakes off the outer shell. Then they roast some of the beans locally. We learned that medium roast is the best.

Kind of dystopian

The day ended with a pizza party at the pool! It was a great day.


  1. Just a thought…. ¿Maybe consider rechristening the yo-d-yo as bad beans?


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