Another day closer to summer vacation

We are still working on our summer projects. Mundane stuff like stainless polishing and boat waxing. Mary’s up to some sewing projects. We have some sun and rain covers that need repairs and replacing before we leave the boat. The heat of the days makes for short hours on outside projects.

In other news, we just like to share generally interesting stuff. The “collectivo” van that takes us to town costs 30 pesos per person. Our last ride was a little full. Mary had a back seat and I was in charge of closing and opening the door. One of our earlier busses was a bunny bus – a little different than the occasional chicken bus.

Fear not, we still relax almost every day. The pool starts to get busy around 4 pm. The bartender only works until 5. Last call?

Pina Coladas, Margaritas, various beers, and good conversation. It’s not all work


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