CBX (TIJ thru the back door) to La Paz

We had a flight booked from Tijuana to La Paz. There is a Cross Border Express option to get to TIJ by walking across the border and directly to the airport. Worked out pretty slick to get a shuttle right down to CBX from Escondido. This was our first use of CBX. We’d heard storiesContinue reading “CBX (TIJ thru the back door) to La Paz”

Getting ready for summer!

We are getting the boat ready for summer and for hurricanes or tropical storms. Getting ourselves ready to leave the boat and come back up north – let the couch surfing begin! Not all work. We were told about a once-per-week restaurant in a private courtyard. Delicious. Salsa class offered before dinner. Still working onContinue reading “Getting ready for summer!”