We took an all-day bus ride from San Cris to Palenque. We booked two nights in Palenque so we could have a full day to explore mayan ruins and waterfalls between bus rides to the city in the jungle. Unfortunately, the couple we were planning to go to Palenque with had a “problemo digestivo,” so they stayed in San Cris, one as a patient and the other as a nurse.

Palenque was not as pretty as San Cris, but the hotel was very nice. We took an 8 peso colectivo from our hotel to the central area which turned out to be nicer than the hotel’s neighborhood. After a quick dinner, we headed back to the hotel to book our tours and get some rest.

The next morning, our three-stop tour began around 8AM. Stops included the Palenque archeological zone, then two waterfalls. It was a long day. Back at the hotel by 7PM.

Palenque archeological zone


We visited waterfalls at Mislo-ha and Agua Azul. We got to swim in the river at Agua Azul. We tried to stay upriver of suspected hazardous water. Before we left we threw caution to the wind and had fresh guacamole. All good!


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