San Cris Day 2

This was cave day. We found the bus to the El Arcotete Ecological park. This park has spectacular cave formations, a zipline and suspension bridge.

There was a colectivo bus to Arcotete. Dave and Kirk did the two-zipline package. The ladies recorded the adventure – not completely zippy but was good for 150 pesos.

There was also a grotto and cave system to explore. This was cool!

Next stop was Rancho Nuevo park. We found another colectivo, so transportation was super cheap. The park was huge, well-manicured, and well appointed with dining, camping, riding, and other fun facilities. And there were two cave systems to explore. The first cave took us about 500 meters below the sunshine.

Once outside the caves, we found other diversions. Mary got on the butt tobagan slide. The kids behind her were not going to let Mary get down the hill faster than them!

Photo finish!

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