Busy summer-izing

We’ve been a little busy getting the boat ready for our summer vacation. The boat gets to enjoy the rainy season in Chiapas while we head back up to the States.

  • Sails down and packed
  • Watermaker pickled
  • Achilles dinghy packed and stowed
  • Two aft cabins cleaned w/vinegar
  • Radar reflectors removed
  • Wind transducer destroyed
  • Sunshades installed
  • Lines washed
  • Food and wine stores depleting

Lots more to do before we leave.

Now we are taking a break to go inland to see some sites in the jungle before the rains really start.

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  1. Holy moly that is really high up there Dave!! Glad you got down ok. Sorry about the wind transducer destruction. Enjoy your tour inland.

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