Landed in Chiapas

We landed safely in Marina de Chiapas after the two-day motor-sail from Marina Chahue. This is our last stop in the current sailing season. Marina de Chiapas is the southernmost port on the Pacific coast in Mexico, about 30 miles from the Guatemalan border. The state of Chiapas has wild rivers, jungles, archeological sites, and more for us to explore before we return to the US.

Tied up safely in Marina de Chiapas

We will be busy spending the next week or so cleaning and preparing the boat for its summer ‘on the hard’ at the marina. YO-D-YO will spend the next five months in dry storage during the hurricane/rainy season. We will spend that same time visiting family and friends back up north, taking care of personal business, and maybe having a few non-Mexico and non-sailing adventures.


  1. Congrats on your safe arrival and the end of this leg of a great adventure. What’s the plan for next year?


  2. Glad you made it safely! I know Yo-D-Yo will miss your TLC. Hope you are able to spend a few days in Oak Harbor. (Maybe you help us unpack and hang pictures)


  3. Happy to hear you’re arrived at your summer home. Enjoy the area and look forward to seeing you this summer. Mangofest sounds great!


  4. mmmangos!
    Lot’s of non sailing adventures to be had at 1909 this summer! Painting adventures, carpentry adventures, roofing adventures. The adventures never end.


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