San Cristobal

We took another break from preparing the boat to go explore the state of Chiapas. We took a bus from Tapachula to San Cristobal de las Casas. What was supposed to be a 9-hour bus ride turned into a 13-hour trip. There is some political turmoil on the main highway. More about this in a later post!

San Cris, as it is called by locals, is a beautiful tourist destination located in a valley at about 7200 feet in altitude. No running, climbing stairs, or any other aerobic activity recommended for old sailors.

As almost always, great food and interesting sites. We did find a nice peanut butter stout so one important checkmark complete.

San Cris is a jump off point for several tours. Guatemala, Montebello lagoons, Rancho Nuevo, Arcotete, and Chiflon waterfalls.

Since we arrived at our hotel around 1AM, day one was a bit relaxed. Hint: take a free walking tour on the first day to get oriented. We also met up with another boating couple who came in this morning from a tour of Oaxaca.

Café on the veranda

The Central is relatively compact. There’s only three main churches as opposed to the 24 in Oaxaca. It’s very clean and well maintained. There’s more murals than graffiti, and a good portion of the graffiti is directed at Coca-Cola because they bought a mountain with an important water source to use for their products. And I guess they don’t want to share.

And we saw a crime fighter!

BATMAN! De Chiapas!


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