Night sailing

This is what it looks like sailing tonight…  It’s dark.  A setting moon, 34% waxing crescent, providing little shine on the ocean.  A few stars are showing through high overcast.

The moon is peaking through the clouds. There is a hint of horizon.

The glow from the instruments is far brighter than anything in the sky or on the horizon.

Our home, driving through the dark.

And we survived a software update to our Starlink, at night, at sea. Apparently, it still works!

We have two buddy boats with us on the passage, Jubel, and French Kissing Life. It is nice to have company and know other boats are close, just in case.

With nothing much else to do while on watch in the middle of the night, I researched sea temperatures in the area. It looked so good that we had to take advantage of it this morning. Even at 86 degrees, it was refreshing!

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  1. Wow!! Night sailing would be scary for me. So glad you had a safe journey and others nearby for reassurance if something did happen.


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