Back in Marina Chahue

We headed back to the marina a day early. We have packages being delivered on Monday. New fenders! We blew two fenders in the surge at the marina. Oh my it’s a bit warmer in the marina than at anchor.

Before we left Bahía Orgáno we visited the more populated Bahía Maguey. It was a long, slow, upwind row in the dinghy. We were rewarded for our efforts with beers, a coconut beverage, and some pescado tacos.

We finished off our Maguey visit by taking a ride on a banana boat, or as they call it here ‘un barco plátano’ which I think roughly translates to “get ready to get wet!”

Banana boat to Bahía Orgáno.
We passed by YO-D-YO in the background.

Next stop – Oaxaca City!

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