Made it to Oaxaca

We did 270 kilometers in 6.5 hours in a nice Mercedes Sprinter transport van.  That’s not a lot of kph (hint; average 25 mph).  Almost four of those hours were on mountain roads like this.  Almost four whole hours. Almost all of the other passengers in the van made it without suffering from ‘sea’ sickness.

This would have been great in a Porche…
Except sometimes the road was missing. Let’s just call this road ‘rustic’ in some stretches.

We are staying at a nice hotel tucked up in a little park area overlooking the city. We have a great view and a nice room with a real working flush toilet and a hot shower. Living on a boat makes those special amenities extremely pleasing. Oh, and air conditioning, too.

Mary wanted a hotel with a pool. Huge. Win!

We went on a brief explore of the Centro on our first evening. Oaxaca is said to be the birthplace of mole sauce, unless you come from the mexican state of Puebla. If you love mole, you can take it home in 22 kg buckets, but you have to really love mole.

Seven flavor of mole. 22 kg times seven flavors is 340 pounds of mole. Yum forever.

Welcome to Oaxaca. We have four full days to do some touring. It’s time to get busy on our vacation!


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