Camping in Huatulco

Bahia del Orgáno, Parque Nacional Huatulco

We left the marina for a few days.  The last fun stop on our passage south was to stay in the national park in Huatulco.  We made it.  Anchor down.  Actually two anchors down.  In this anchorage, we had to put out a stern anchor to keep the boat pointed into the wind and waves for a comfortable stay.

There are nine bays across this 30,000 acre park, some with good anchorages, in this beautiful stretch of coastline.  It is one of the primary tourist attractions for Huatulco. There are secluded beaches, snorkeling and diving, and occasional palapa restaurants on a couple of the beaches.  I think the cruising yachts anchored out here are also on the tour boat itinerary.

We tried coming here one day last week. There were probably 10 boats tucked into this small bay. The cruisers were waiting for a break in the Tehuantepec winds so they could safely make the passage south. On Friday the winds abated, the flotilla headed out, and now we have almost exclusive access.

The Tehuantepec winds make big waves over the 200-mile passage

We lost phone service in this little bay. We are only a mile or so from town.  Our Starlink works wonders keeping us connected.


  1. Question: how long can you be off the grid before resupply? That place sounds like week long stay. Nice find. 👍


    1. 200 gallons of water. Big fridge. Big (for a boat) freezer, so we have ice for cocktails for a week or so. We can go for a couple of weeks on food stores if we shop well before leaving our comfortable slip… And more than enough changes of swimsuits.


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