Or Playa Tortuga or Playa Escondido, depending on which book you are using as a guide.  We are 38 miles south of Zihuatanejo and 38 miles closer to Acapulco.   And we are the only cruising boat in the little bay.  Fear not there are palapa restaurants, bungalows, and music coming from the shore.  And we took a nice dip in the 80° water and had a great breeze to cool us down from our day’s journey.

We did see some sea turtles, whales briefly in a couple spots, and saw a marlin jumping out of the water a few times – that was new!

Busy day for the admiral.  Mary brought up and secured the anchor, got us breakfast, ran the watermaker, had a ‘fiesta’ (you’ll have to ask Mary), made a nice lunch, and got the anchor back down and set all before our afternoon swim and siesta. A good day’s work. I see a stay at a resort marina in her future.

Tomorrow, we leave before sunrise to get to Acapulco before sunset.

Don’t forget that you can follow our dot as we make our way to the southernmost point of Mexico.


  1. Tis always wit de lashes fer ya laddie. Me a bit concerned ye don’t has yer priorities in order. There be times fer lashing well nuf but not rit nowz.


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