We had just over 70 miles to travel to Acapulco from Papanoa.  That’s 10 hours of travel time.  And since arriving at a new destination during daylight hours is good practice, we needed to leave really early in the morning.  Leaving an anchorage in the dark has risks, but spending most of your travel time in daylight more than offset the challenges of an early start.

Our neighborhood

Sunset in Acapulco today was about 7 PM.  We wanted to arrive before 4 PM to give us a 3-hour safety window before sunset at our destination.  The latest we could leave was 6 AM to keep with our window.  We were up at 4 AM and were anchor-up and on the way by 4:20.  All good except it was really dark and would be so for a couple hours.

After the sun came up, we could relax a bit and watch the occasional turtle float by.  About two hours out of Acapulco, the wind picked up an we were able to sail.  So much nicer floating around the Pacific Ocean without the constant droning of the engine.

8 kts of wind and pushing the boat at 6 knots

We got an hour or two if sailing, then the wind lost out to our need to be tied up at a dock. Once checked in with the marina, we hurried over to the port captain to check into Acapulco. Then a bite to eat. Teppanyaki Mexican style. Them back to the boat to lose consciousness.

Look what we spied across the street from the marina! Walmart? Shopping?


  1. Cool beans! Glad you were able to put some sails up. Aren’t Taco’s Teppinyaki called Fajitas in the US? Looks delicious either way.


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