Mary MX’cessorizes!

Mary has a new phone number! And it’s a Mexico number, too. But why would she choose Ixtapa to make such a dramatic change to her communications? We thought we might get some MX phones someday, but the opportunity came sooner than expected.

One morning, Mary was jumping off the boat to the dock with her phone tucked as deep as possible into her not so deep pocket. Well, I guess the phone wanted to be a little deeper, so it jumped out and dove for the water. 18-foot deep and dark marina water. Crocodile infested water.

I gave it some effort with our salmon net and our really long boat hook to drag the bottom a bit. No luck. So now to call her, just prefix the ‘+52’ the MX country code to her new Zihuatanejo phone number, and she’ll be so happy to talk to you.

When we get back to the USA we’ll be able to restore her old number and all will be back to normal. As normal as this little adventure could be!

So if you get a call from some random crocodile, please ask him or her to return the phone w/o too many bite marks. Mary would be muy contento.

Mary with fresh squeezed breakfast OJ remembering how she enjoyed her USA phone.


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