Good Sunshine

We are starting to get some impressive solar electric production. Since the sailing season starts in the winter, the sun is a bit low on the horizon early on. Now that we are getting into spring, we are getting better solar generation. We have 520 watts of panels. We just had two days in a row with over 400 watts max power. Sunny blue skies! Happy batteries!

Image of our solar production over a few days


  1. What if you moved all your gear on the south side of the boat so you had a 20 degree southern list? You’ll get about 14% better production. Up to 16% if you lash some of the crew to the rail.



  2. aaargh! ye harve the scalliwags orderin about the capt’n down thar? ye be flyin’ a rainbow standard from ur yardarm then are ye? aaargh!


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