Iceland – The Rift!

Iceland is on the move! It moves about 1 cm left and 1 cm right each year because it’s on the fault between the North American and the Euroasian tectonic plates that cuts through the middle of the island. That also explains the frequent, geologically speaking, volcanos. We like rocks. This has been a great trip!

Between the two plates is The Rift! We visited a 7km wide section of the rift valley between the two plates, and hiked a small section next to the North American plate. Iceland is one of the only two places on earth where the ridge is above the ocean.

On the western side of the rift is a waterfall at Thingvellir Nation Park where all the viking chiefs got together around 930 AD to set up some rules to stop all the retribution killings going on amongst setting up other governmental systems and rules.

No signs of the vikings at the waterfall, but the North American plate and the water features were pretty cool! We did find a ‘mama troll’ somewhere along our journey.