Iceland – Reykjavik

We enjoyed lots of sights and visited many places the day we got to Iceland. Our first day started with our landing at 6:30 AM at the airport about an hour outside of town. We dropped bags at the hotel and got tickets on the Hop-On-Off bus. The bus is a good way to get around as long as you have a clue as to when the next bus will be by to pick you up. On our last day before leaving was the ‘Fly Over Iceland’ experience – should have made it the first thing to see.

Visit the Perlam. This exploratorium was a great alternative first stop in Reykjavik. The collection included impressive displays from glaciers to volcanos to the Northern Lights. They have an ice cave to explore. It’s cold. We lasted about five minutes. Really Cool! Go early to The Pearl because you can be there for a while.

Two thirds of Iceland’s population lives in the city of Reykjavik. We never can across one Ikea, but walking around it sure felt like they built most of it from shopping sprees to the retailer.