Newport Beach

We had a sail, yes a real sail, even hitting 7+ kts occassionally transiting from Avalon to Newport.  Only a few miles of motoring at the start and end. The winds in SoCal are a bit lighter and less frequent than the San Francisco summers we are used to.

The water in Newport Harbor is not nearly as clear as we had in both anchorages at Catalina Island.  Might be skipping the swim in the marina this time.  Oh but there is a beach just about 400 yards west, so yep, we’ll be getting sand between our toes on our way into the surf.

We keep hearing radio calls from various warships warning mariners to keep a safe distance as they perform live gunnery exercises.  Have not seen much of the big gray ships, but expect to see them as we approach San Diego.  We will try to heed their ‘safe distance’ requests…  seems like the prudent choice for a prudent mariner.

Tomorrow we visit Minnie’s Yacht Supply.  We were told that is is the promised land for sailors.  Our waterline may lower an inch if we are not careful.  I am not sure our little kayak can haul too much out to our mooring so we should again exercise prudence…

We are on a mooring again but this time for three nights.  Shore access is by kayak.  No access to showers or laundry.  It might be unpleasant to be downwind of our boat in the next few days…  (I guess we could use the boat shower if anyone complains…)

Oh no!  We haven’t taken many pictures!  Will fix that tomorrow as we trek to Minnie’s and diligently search for the infamous Frozen Banana!


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