Boat systems and sailor lore

You may not have had an opportunity to visit the “YO”.  She is a fine ship and we’d enjoy you coming aboard some time in some tropical locale. Please do call ahead!

We’ve updated the boat over the last few months getting her ready to become our home on the water.  These are some of the systems and add-ons that will make our lives quite comfortable over what we hope will be a few years on the water.  This first episode of Boat Stuff will be on SAFETY so our parents, family and friends don’t freak out too much… Safety stuff:

New 6-man liferaft.  the Liferaft industry determined 4 square feet of space per passenger was perfect for panicked crew riding out a hurricane in a rubber raft.  We could have bought a 4-man, but oh that extra 8 square feet will seem so luxurious if we ever have to deploy.  Oh and they put biscuits in there in case we need a 4000 calorie snack.  We tried the biscuits before…  not really worth deploying a liferaft to get to those treats.

EPIRB – sends information to satellites and airplanes in case we ever deploy that unit.  Hopefully someone responds quickly so we don’t get too used to that 24 luxurious square feet of liferaft.

PLBs – It’s like a little EPIRB that each of us wears when doing big crossings.  Bonus satellite “Help Me” messages!  If your HBO starts getting static, we might be taking over your satellite TV bandwidth with our EPIRB and PLBs.  So Sorry…

Radios.  We have three VHF Radios which we use to talk to other folks who are relatively close at sea.  One Big radio for the boat and one handheld each for the Skipper and the Admiral. Nice to be able to talk to someone in case we need some assistance especially if they can come visit us in short order if needed.  You never know when we may run low on rum and need to call for resupply.

Lifejackets.  Yes, we wear them.  Ours automatically inflate when we get wet  (very wet such as when we go for an unexpected swim, not just when we get caught in a squall).  Fall in the water?  Pop back up!  And our jackets allow us to attach to the boat so we don’t go swimming unexpectedly too often.

Signaling devices (aka Flares).  We have lots of other ways to signal for help, too.  Mostly our extensive collection of flares.  Also some less impressive or sophisticated devices such as signaling mirrors, an electronic strobe for the boat, strobes for each life jacket, and more.  It’s all about getting attention when we need it.  The “book” says you can burn a barrel of oil (whale) on your deck, too. We think not.

Practice, training, teamwork, and lots of experience.  We work together very well.  I think we have about 50 years (!!!) of sailing experience between the two of us.  Of course we woll be getting all new types of experience as we venture to new ports and distant shores..  Even with 50 years we still argue about how to tie on fenders, set an anchor, and the proper ratio of ginger beer to rum for the perfect Dark & Stormy.  Don’t forget the lime and splash of bitters!

Mary says I need to add pictures. Here’s one! Mmmm freshly baked. And a bit crispy. At least what’s left of them.

And our Patron saint?


  1. Sounds like you have a solid plan and all the right ingredients for survival on the high seas. You didn’t mention the Spam to pay off pirates…lol!


  2. Dont forget to waterproof your cell phones. Ziplock bag eg.
    Whose the patron saint of sailors? Get a little staue of Elmo for your dash. Lol
    No worries mates

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  3. We will sail with you anytime with such a safely appointed vessel
    Oh yes reef in, reef out, reef in, reef out!


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