New Friends In Avalon

We are now more in love with Avalon than we were before. We spent the first day taking a tour of the island and jumping off our boat into the clear blue water.

The next day we met up with a sister of a friend of mine, Wendy. What a lovely, kind lady. We walked to Descanso Beach, just around the corner from the famous Avolon Casino. We have to come back when the Casino is open and take a tour. Then Wendy took us on the “locals” tour in her golf cart. The stories and history we would have never heard if not for her.

The locals tour continued to the Marlin Club. This bar was built during WWII to serve as the Officers Club on the island. We were privileged to sit on the local side of the bar. She even loaned us her golf cart! We were so appreciative of her hospitality.

After our afternoon swim, Dave and I met Wendy and her friends for happy hour. What a great group of women. We shared sea stories, plans for our adventure and got advice from seasoned sailors. We learned from one of the women that pirates can be bought off with Spam and cookies. That was quite a story to hear.

The evening ended with a fantastic dinner at The Lobster Trap. We usually share a meal. Tonight it was Bluefin Tuna. Delish!


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