Quiet times in Oaxaca

We took a 11-hour tour of five stops around Oaxaca. The first stop was Monte Alban – a huge archeological site just outside Oaxaca city.  Huge.  We had a great guide who did a bilingual presentation.  Not to be missed!

There are four hilltops to the Monte Alban complex. This is the first. They are starting to excavate the second site. It’s bigger than this one.

The tour continued to a wood carving and painting workshop – yawn.  Photos were not allowed.  See some photos below.

Then we went to a mezcal factory.  Can’t say no to mezcal.  We were the only two English-speakers.  We got a private tour.  We bought a nice hand-painted bottle to enjoy later.

Fourth stop was a Oaxacan buffet.  Should have probably passed up on this opportunity.

Last stop was a black clay pottery workshop.  At all the previous stops, we had an english-speaking guide.  It was just fine without getting the backstory while watching the artisan create his wares.

Start gray – somehow they turn shiney black.

We found another brewery. This was a pilsner. Cacao pilsner.

Oaxaca Brewery

Oaxacan bus tour buffets

Why skip a Oaxacan buffet?  Well for Dave, this might have been a very good day until Moctezuma took his revenge.  I am betting the buffet was the culprit.  Mary appeared to do OK.

Pink – useless. Green – Experto!

The next day, we canceled our 15-hour tour.  Mary rested and felt sorry for Dave.  Dave tried to rest and feel sorry for himself.

Mary fretting over Dave’s comfort and recovery


  1. Great tour except for the buffet it looks like. Sorry about your set back Dave but now you know what to take (the green stuff). Mary, so glad you took such concern for Dave during his time of need.


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