Isla Grande, Ixtapa

After a long 30-hour trip from Manzanillo,  we anchored at Isla Grande, just NW of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.  This is a regular first stop to get some rest before ending the trip south at either of those two towns. We’ll be here for a few weeks. Come on down and enjoy Zihuatanejo with us!

Sunrise leaving Santiago Bay
Isla Grande – our home for tonight.

We did get a bit of sailing and a lot of motor sailing.  There was a boat,  s/v Namahana, just a couple miles behind us out as we left Manzanillo, so we buddy-boated with them all the way down.  The rest of our friends in Manzanillo were going to head here in a few days.

Sightings. There were two close calls with “long-line” fishing equipment but no contact or tangles.  Lots of turtles swimming by.  One flying fish, a couple of random dolphin sightings. One group of dolphins gave us a nice show riding our bow wave for a while. Most importantly, we did not feel or hear any bumps in the night.  It’s hard to see obstacles sailing on a dark ocean.

Dolphins on the bow wave

Our first day at Isla Grande ended with lobster tacos, beach drinks, and good conversation with a two other cruising couples.  And evening dips in the 86 degree water off our back porch.  Now a little recovery sleep tonight will be welcome.

Woot! We are anchored nearly two hundred miles further down than we’ve been before!


    1. I’m afraid we are not in San Francisco anymore. It is a special day down here if we do get to sail – motor off. But I’m so happy we’re not in SF, no need to wear foul weather gear!


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