Ensenada Carrizal

This beautiful anchorage is very near Manzanillo, but you would never know we were so close to a bustling industrial and transportation center. The bay is surrounded by hills. There are no palapas on the beach. There is no sandy beach, just rocks with a steep incline. It is beautiful, just the same.

On our first full day here, we swam to shore and met our friends Ashley and Glen, from sailing vessel C-YA. We went for a hike and then went snorkeling at a beach on the other side of the hill. The first part of the hike was a narrow trail through the jungle. Then there was a road to follow. We ended up on beautiful Playa Peña Blanco beach just northwest of Bahia Carrazal. There were fresh turtle tracks and turtle shells showing the path from the nest to the sea.

Once at Peña, we got in the water and checked out the sea life. We saw a lot of fish but no turtles. On the way back, we had to take a picture of YO-D-YO at anchor.

Our last night in Carrizal included a night snorkle with several other boats in the bay. Quite fun. A little freaky. We all survived.


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