On our way to Panama! Very slowly. As the crow flies, we are 30 miles closer to our eventual end-of-season destination than we were a week ago. Only about 1500 more miles to go! We passed a shipwreck on the way out of Barra deNavidad.

Old ship broken into many pieces

We are in Bahia Carrizal near Manzanillo. We were here a couple of times last year when we came to Manzanillo. Carrizal is a beautiful little and very isolated bay with lots of snorkeling. We caught up with our friends on “C-Ya” and have other friends we expect to catch up to us before making our 190-mile jump from Manzanillo to Ixtapa. We should have a little flotilla of buddy boats for that leg of our journey.

Our day started out with a challenge. We had a grinding noise in our steering. Grinding noises are generally not good. Our exit from Barra de Navidad was delayed by an hour or so while we diagnosed and corrected the issue. The drag arm All bueno now.

Bahia Carrizal and some neighbor boats

Once we arrived and anchored, we went for a quick swim to check out the fishes on one of the reefs. Many colorful tropical fish. We are going to have to find our GoPro camera so we can share some pictures. Our first day finished with a delicious pasta dinner under a canopy of bright stars, planets, and constellations.


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