Bye Bye Tenacatita Howdy Barra

We are moving south! Very slowly. We made our 14-mile trek from Tenacatita back to Barra de Navidad. This time, however, we are staying in the lagoon instead of the 4-star hotel marina. Who really needs a pool and a swim-up bar when you can have a lagoon full of crocodiles?

Yesterday at Tenacatita, I paddled our dingy around the rock and was reward by a couple of whales engaged in a breeching contest. I quickly rowed out of their way fearing that I might become a pancake under one of the breeching whales.

Our last night in Tenacatita, we had dinner on Rebecca Leah. Our friend Doug grilled chicken breasts, made rice, and we brought appetizers and salad. It was a great meal and good company.

Today we braved the unmarked channel into the lagoon. The little channel has caught many boats on its shallow banks. And tonight we headed to Barra for dinner with friends, and to drop off a bit of dirty laundry.

What a life!


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