Cruise-In Week – Day 4 Races

Friday was the big race. There were a total of 22 boats that raced, while the community gathered in local restaurants to watch and bet on their favorite boats. Most of the boats entered were cruisers, so the boats were often people’s homes. It’s always fun and exciting to race your ‘couch’.

One of the favorite boats was a 14-foot Laser sailboat that held the lead for most of the race against all the big boats. The Laser finished 5th after the winds freshened and the big boats picked up steam. The other small boat was a 16-foot Hobbie Cat that was one of the last boats to start and then finish in the top 10.

We went to one of the three official restaurant / bar / ‘betting stations’ to watch the race and cheer on the boats with other fans. We had a great view of the race, and we had a lot of fun cheering on the boats. Lots of money was raised for the local schools.

Crowded fleet rounding the first turn

But what happened on Thursday? Day of rest for the organizers? Not really. They were getting everything ready for today’s race event.