Saturday of Cruise-In Week

Saturday, we got some good deals at the cruisers swap meet. We found the stern anchor mount for $10. New it would be $60. Not quite new, but it will polish up nicely. I got an official Starlink mount for our Starlink antenna for $17. New it would cost $70.

Stern anchor mount

Next, the guy from the welding shop came with our windlass support bracket. It is so shinny and it fits! Dave and I installed it. What a team. And that was just Saturday morning.

The windlass support

Saturday night, there was a concert on the Malacon. “Soul Sacrifice” is a Santana cover band, and they were fantastic. We had dinner with our friends Randy and Patty and then went to the concert. We had a great time. Since we are old, we left before the end of the show but were able to hear the last couple of songs from our cockpit. What can I say? We were tired!

Dave, Mary, Patty, and Randy
Don’t turn your back on me baby!


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