Colima, Comala, and Suchitlán

We spent a couple days in Colima with a side trip to the ‘Pueblo Magico’ Comala and a bonus trip to the very small town of Suchitlán nearer to the Volcán Colima and Volcan Nevado.

Colima was nice once we got over the fact that we were a ways off the gringo highway. There were not a lot of English speakers in town. Our Spanglish needs to get better. We found a couple cervezarias with porter on tap, fun cocktails, and good food to accompany and all was well.

There are two archaeological sites in Colima. We visited the Campana site, got in for free because it was Sunday and we had our MX resident cards. We had a nice explore. Another couple of park visitors gave us tamarinds they plucked from a tree – kind of tasty!

Our Sunday evening included a big band concert in the plaza outside of our hotel. Mary made me dance with her. A few of the locals said they were impressed with our moves! Imagine that!

The little parks all over the city had interesting features. You gotta be careful in Colima!

Where shall we go next?


  1. I read every one of your posts and enjoy them so, so much. Hope to see you the next time you’re back in Nevada. Love to you both.

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