Barra Update

We are enjoying our unplanned extended stay in Barra. Mary found a pool that apparently no one else in the hotel knows about. There is a big wedding tonight so the hotel and big pool are very crowded. Better to be here!

Do you see dolphins? Hope they’re friendly!

We mentioned that we went into ‘the lagoon’ to have a guy take a look at our windlass. If you don’t pay attention to driving in the very narrow charted but unmarked channel this can happen! We were very careful entering and leaving. No memorable pictures of our boat. Whew.

Normally one boat per week, so far three this week! He refloated and drove off around 8pm.

Our windlass is in transit. UPS isn’t giving any delivery updates so who knows when we might get our boat fixed. I guess we’ll just have to get more pool time…

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