Barra – Our new home for a few weeks.

We were planning to go gunkholing in some of the many little bays along Costalegre, but the is boating and plans change. Our windlass died and it’s not very convenient or safe to sail without the ability to set and retrieve the anchor easily.

We were not planning to be in the marina, but fortunately, we were here to deal with this issue. We were only supposed to be in the marina for a couple of days, so we begged favor from the marina to let us stay a couple weeks so we could get a new windlass shipped and installed. They have a huge fishing tournament. They’re getting a lot of big boats in. They will be very full. They said ‘yes’. Total relief.

Now to get to work on preparing for the new windlass. Fiberglass. Electrical. A new stainless support. And some pool time.

Great time to come down for a visit. The hotel at the marina is very nice. Unfortunately, not much sailing planned until the boat gets fixed.

Grand Isla Navidad Resort.
+52 314 331 0500

View of the marina from the hotel.