The electro/mechanic mysteries of boats

There are a lot of systems on a boat. Those sailors that can understand and manage all of these systems are my heros.

Watermaker: Turns out to have been an operator error. The brine solution (waste product from the watermaker) has to have a place to go once the product water (salt free) has been extracted. It was determined that the operator failed to open the brine waste water thru-hull so no sea water could flow through the system. Opening up the thru-hull corrected the problem. We made 15+ liters of fresh water from sea water as we motored around the bay. Right on target. RTFM!

New issue – freezer: When we sailed to PV last week, we noticed that the freezer temperature was up to 24 degrees – ten degrees higher than normal. I turned the freezer off and on a few times (old computer geeks fix most computer problems this way), and we defrosted the freezer. The problem appeared to go away. ‘Whew.’

Recurring issue – freezer: Today, when returning from our watermaker test sail, we noticed the freezer temperature was up to almost 28 degrees. No need to defrost the freezer again, so we cycled power a few times. No bueno. A visual inspection of the condenser pump showed the thermostat wire had come loose from the spade connector. Re-attached the wire to a new conector. Repaired with a $0.35 part and a few more gray hairs. Double ‘Whew.’