Migracion, II

Trip number two to Instituto Nacional de Migracion for photos and fingerprints. It was supposed to be a couple days after filling the original paperwork. It took a bit longer but there was probably some Revolution Day impact on the processing schedule.

I guess the resident cards will show up a few days after prints have been taken. Then our self-inflicted Visa overstay issues will be resolved.

On the bus to Imigration

Why a resident visa? There are a few things. We can enter and leave as often or infrequently as we want. We can apply for MX healthcare – not sure about this benefit. We can get MX driver’s licenses – sounds more dangerous than appealing. We can register a car in MX – see previous. We can open a MX bank account – so far US account work OK. We can apply for permanent residency four years later if we should want to move here more permanently some day.

Why would we ever want to move to MX? Something nice about winter sunsets…!

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