The Old Man and the Sea

Our potentially last ever time in islands of the Sea of Cortez was shared with my brother Ken down from Seattle. Definately sharply dressed for a traveller new to the tropics. Our new crew had arrived!

One Ken. One phone. One personal item. No luggage? Ready to go to sea!

We took in a few activities while wandering around town. Food of course. Introduction to Molcajete. Fine beers very American style. Ken whipped out his REI Mastercard and paid our bar bill! And within 15 minutes discovered that his credit card had been stolen by the darling little beer girl!

Fortunately her honor was cleared when we determined she had mysteriously snuck on the boat when we weren’t looking and stealthily hid his card in his vest pocket! Whew. Day one complete.

Day two starts with breakfast out at a nice little joint. To the market for provisions. A visit to Pemex (you’ll have to contact him about details – I simply can’t describe in words). Then Ken went to have a workout at a Mexican gym. They drew excessive sweat but were unable to break him. After a good shower it was time for an afternoon adventure to the airport to collect lost luggage and round out the day.

American Airlines decide that all of Ken’s belonging deserved an extra day in PHX. Included in Ken’s missing luggage where many valuable trinkets we hoped he would deliver to us. Contact made with Israel at La Paz International Airport. After dodging military patrols and customs agents the abused box of goods was out of custody and in a DIDI taxi headed to the boat. All of Dave’s clothes Ken borrowed and sweated-out were returned for a good washing. Woot. On to Mequite Grill for a Chateaubriand.

As a reward for visiting and hauling goods down to MX for us (all well within customs import limits) the third day was time to set sail.

Sunday morning we were out of the marina and off to Isla Partida. A meandering sail and a bit of motoring got us to our destination. It was a bit windy and chilly so we roamed a couple beaches, but swimming was not happening. The water was only around 72. One cairn was built by the team from YO-D-YO to help future travelers find their way.

Monday morning after a visit from a giant turtle we hauled anchor and headed south to Balandra Bay. Warmer water and lighter winds at Balandra meant that swimming would be accomplished.

Once arrived at Balandra, it was a long 400 yard swim to the beach. Balandra is home to “El Hongo” the mushroom rock. A wet hike through the water ended successfully at the Hongo.

And Balandra is now our inagural traditional Thanksgiving dinner anchorage.

A quick morning swim were had by both Ken and Mary. Then back to La Paz so we could get back to the airport and we could wait for next steps on our four-year temporary Mexico resident visas!


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