PT Mexican Style

I’m recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I took an opportunity in Florida to get a couple PT sessions in before going back to Mexico to get recovery started. Now that we are in La Paz it’s PT in Mexico for as many sessions as I can get in during our brief stay at the marina. You’d think each MXPT session might include a complementary cool-down cervesa and maybe a couple tacos (camerones al coco of course), but sadly no, I have to pay extra for that.

Several sessions have been completed and the shoulder is moving quite a bit better. The arm sling has been retired.

We have until mid-November in beautiful La Paz so I plan to get in as much PT and tacos as I can stand.

Camerones al Coco y a la Diablo tacos – just what the doctor ordered


  1. Why don’t you send one home for us maybe it won’t survive the trip but we could come down and get it!


  2. The coconut shrimps are delicious. Three big shrimp per taco but two barely fit. No belt needed. It all gets sweated off!


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