PT Mexican Style

I’m recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I took an opportunity in Florida to get a couple PT sessions in before going back to Mexico to get recovery started. Now that we are in La Paz it’s PT in Mexico for as many sessions as I can get in during our brief stay at the marina. You’d think each MXPT session might include a complementary cool-down cervesa and maybe a couple tacos (camerones al coco of course), but sadly no, I have to pay extra for that.

Several sessions have been completed and the shoulder is moving quite a bit better. The arm sling has been retired.

We have until mid-November in beautiful La Paz so I plan to get in as much PT and tacos as I can stand.

Camerones al Coco y a la Diablo tacos – just what the doctor ordered

4 thoughts on “PT Mexican Style

  1. The coconut shrimps are delicious. Three big shrimp per taco but two barely fit. No belt needed. It all gets sweated off!


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