Boat Readiness

There was a long list of chores to get the boat changed over from hurricane-prepared to sail-ready. Most are done. One ‘oops’ moment requires a must climb to correct. A mast climb was planned by Mary but because of the oops, a rigger is needed to fix the problem. Dave can’t climb because of the recent surgery. Mary can’t climb because there’s only one usable line to the top of the mast and that violates our safety standard. A rigger has better climbing and safety equipment, and lots more experience.

The rigger needs to feed our jib halyard back down our mast. The halyard came out of the mast while it was being re-run. Oops. While he’s up there we’ll also have him reinstall our wind transducer.

We have a couple radar reflectors to install high up also. We are not sure if we’ll have him do that or wait until later when Mary or I can climb the mast.

We have continuing glue failure issues with our dinghy. Its quite disappointing. That needs to be fixed before our Nov 15 exit.

I think that’s it.

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  1. Dave I’m so sorry you are having all that problem but soon it will be fixed and you will be off playing captain in sailing around and around and around I love you miss you both prayers for you both that you get it fixed shortly and fix the right way love you both


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