Leaving La Paz

La Paz has been a pretty good visit for us over the past few weeks. A bit hot. A bit humid. An occasional rain or even a lightning-filled downpour. But we have had a good and quiet visit. We got a few tasks off the boat work list. We’ve taken a few rides on our bikes. We met a few nice folks at and away from the marina. We toured less fortunate neighborhoods. We helped a student get uniforms for middle school. We’ve seen some art and enjoyed some music. We’ve eaten well. We enjoyed our time away from the boat at a pool-enhanced VRBO.

Now time to head back to America! Hope our boat does well in our absence. We’ll see many of you soon.


  1. Looks fabulous. And I am glad you were able to help some kiddos. That is my favorite task. Hugs to you both.


  2. I find it hard to leave La Paz. But then again it’s usually leaving via Cabo back to the US, so what would you expect. I didn’t realize you were on your way back. I (we) hope your trip is fun and enjoyable. Keep us updated on you journey back. 👍


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