Welcome Home to Boat Work!

Boat work never really ends. We had a few maintenance items on our list, and since we hurricane prepped the boat in June, we had to unprep some stuff so we could live aboard in some comfort.

We should not complain. We are retired! We are living on a boat! We are in La Paz!

Major items included replacing two hoses that have been in use for the past 23 years. Replacing these hose requires disassembling our entire galley – thank you Hunter Marine! We replaced our raw water engine pickup hose with only normal challenges. We also wanted to replace our galley drain hoses but determined this will require a haul-out to replace the thru hull to get it done right. And we spent at least two hours replacing the engine impeller – a job complicated by the sailboat rule that “stuff on a sailboat must not be accessible to anyone trying to do maintenance.” Note, there was definitely sailor vocabulary being practiced!

We also bought a small window-type AC unit for the boat. It’s hot and humid down here. We already sweated off our USA-aquired cronuts and beer weight doing boat work in the heat. Time to enjoy a little cooler climate in the boat! The small AC seems to be keeping the boat at a comfortable and less humid 78-80F inside. Outside, Weatherbug says it’s in the humid 90’s.

And our dingy had a couple air leaks, so it’s off to the Inflatable Boat Repair Shop a few blocks down the road. Hope it comes back quite soon – all happy, all sealed up, and all ready to float us around this subtropical paradise again.

After seven days staying at the vrbo, we got our galley reassembled and boat work finished enough to move onto the boat. Time to say goodbye to the pool! 😦


  1. First of all I thought you were retired however you must have came out of retirement Dave and gone into the repair his business for sailboats? Is that right. There’s always a job to do no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll never get out of it I’m so glad that you can do all of those things even though it is hard work it’s your boat and Mary’s boat and you enjoy it when it’s all done take care prayers to get it done before you have to sail. God love you and the angels help you they’re really good at itSent from my Galaxy

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