Hot Tamales!

You thought this would be about food didn’t you?  It is really more about the weather.  It’s a bit warm and a lot more humid than we were expecting in La Paz.  Our new AC unit is doing a good job.  We are not dripping with sweat when we are hiding in the boat to escape the hot humid afternoon.  Of course we are not over exerting ourselves either, but we did get quite a few projects done in the past few days.

We added a couple of sunshade sections to cover the middle of the boat and the companion way.  It is amazing how much it helps keeps the boat cooler.

We also got our dinghy back.  It had a couple leaks and they repaired them.  When we checked the boat after coming back from the shop we noticed that the rub strike on the port hull was also starting to detach.  We’ve had the boat about nine months, and kept it bagged below, and covered on deck whenever possible.

The inflatable boat repair shop said PVC boat glue does not do well in this climate.  It looks to me more likely there was not much proper glue applied during manufacturing.  Hmm.  I would have expected better than one season from a new dinghy, PVC or not regardless, before seeing heat/sun damage take its toll, Takacat.  Guess we’ll be getting Hypalon next if the Takacat succumbs during our stay in the tropics.  That will be an expensive disappointment.

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