Invited? – Say “Yes!”

Our nuevo amigos we met at the salsa class & dinner extravaganza invited us to attend a ‘Spanglish’ class, and then an impromptu cooking class a couple days later. When invited to nearly anything our new rule is always say yes!

Spanglish was held at Casa Cultural El Huevo. I think it translates to The Egg Cultural House, but there is probably some local intonation to the name. We took no photos – we were too engaged with other learners and too frightened to have to exercise our Spanglish skills in public to take time to take pictures.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. There must have been 50 people mostly wanting to practice their English, but quite a few wanting to learn some Spanish conversation skills, too. We have a long way to go on our dual language proficiency.

Saturday was the ‘cooking class’ or at least an opportunity to have a social get-together with a tasty theme of home-made Ceviche! Our chef/instructor Rey first led the six of us through the Nicholas Bravo market to get ingredients. Fresh Triggerfish (cochito), peppers, tomatoes, limes, cilantro, avocado, and more.

The five of us included chef Rey (the only Paceño in attendance), an outgoing storytelling german Thomas, our delightful canadian hostess Dova, and the two of us old salts. A fine international mix!

Rey managed the kitchen but everyone took up tasks. The ceviche concoctions came together and were consumed in great quantities. We had a traditional flavor, a version spiced up with jalapeños and more, and a sweeter ceviche which included mango amongst other ingredients. There was probably three pounds of ceviche at the start of the consumption period. There was not much left overall at the end of the dinner.

Thank you to our new friends! Repeat the rule: When invited, just say “YES!”


  1. Benissimo! Mary you are inspiring me! I am on day 186 of my Italian study on Duolingo. Time to practice with some Reno folks who are proficient speakers. Ciao!

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