Los Burros

We left beautiful Agua Verde with plans to stop somewhere a little further south and find shelter from the coromuel winds. Coromuels are notorious winds that come over from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez in the very late evening – seemingly about the time you hit deep sleep.

We had several targets between Augua Verde and San Evaristo but each was exposed to the daytime southerly winds and would have also been unpleasant. No stop at Los Gatos, San Telmo, Timbabiche, so it looked like we might end up back in San Evaristo in an anchorage probably full of other cruisers looking for shelter from the winds.

We were getting tired so just above San Jose Island when we gave up our southerly progress as we saw a couple anchorages in Bahia Rincon off next to some 1000+ foot cliffs of the Sierra de Gigante peaks. The first try was a tiny beach that was noted on our electronic chart. We were met by a couple of big rays splashing on the surface of the water – good omen? We could not find enough sand amongst the rocky bottom so we eased over to a tiny fishing village Los Burros.

We surveyed the waters and found great coral sands a couple hundred feet off the beach in about 20 feet of water. Anchor set. Protection from all expected winds and waves. A quick snorkle double-checked the sea bottom and the set of the anchor. This village was not in our primary guide book. Mary made a great dinner and then we retired for the night.

The next morning we rowed in and took a quick stroll around the beach and the village. We met the villages goat herd while exploring brambles. We dropped off some goodies for the fishermen and headed back to the boat to continue our southward travels. It was a pleasant stop.

Shy goats
Milk me, please!


  1. Every time I moved towards the poor beast she moved away too. Guess she was a bit shy.


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