We were going through Internet withdrawal. We had no connectivity for about four days. There were a couple of time sensitive issues we needed to take care of. You know, little things like banking, paying our bills, calling our parents, and trying to get a slip in La Paz for the summer. So it was back to San Everisto! They have a cute little restaurant that has Wi-Fi.

We had been trying to get a slip in La Paz for the summer. We compared the pros and cons of La Paz vs. Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta. La Paz won. For one thing, La Paz doesn’t have as many thunderstorms. Lightning and sailboat masts don’t mix well. It is a dryer climate, so there is less chance of us coming back to mold on the boat. It is also closer to the Sea of Cortez. We really enjoyed the Sea of Cortez and would like to see more of it in the fall. The town of La Paz itself is great. The downsides are that there is no pool; it is a bit more expensive, and flying in and out of La Paz is more expensive and less convenient.

As soon as we had connectivity, I had an email from Marina de La Paz saying they had a slip, but I needed to call them right away, or they would give it to someone else. Whew! We got the slip! Internet calling is good! Dave got all of our banking done, and we were able to call or email family. It was a good stop.

After all our business was done and our summer plans were set, Dave rowed us back to the boat for lunch and siesta.


  1. You two are my heroes. Love the updates. Rachel and I stayed at Posada Luna Sol. It’s walking distance to the marina. Just info. 👍

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    1. Thanks Paul, we may need something when we come here in the summer. Or when guests come that don’t want to stay on the boat.


  2. Haha! Can totally relate to not having an internet connection sometimes. But somehow you find a way around it. For me, it’s usually standing on a mountain, on 1 foot waving the phone in the air. Love you!!


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