Why should you wash your own boat?

You might just find an important boat part that is broken and close to causing a disaster! Here we sit in La Paz after three weeks sailing in the sea, and it’s time to wash the boat.

Surprise! There are lots of little but important parts on boats. This post is about our main outhaul car. It keeps the clew end of our main sail attached to our boom – important to make our boat move forward so you can expect there to be a lot of pressure on this little gem. Maybe we are sailing the boat too hard? It failed differently once before so we are lucky we carry a spare.

The broken part in the boom
The new part and a better view of the old car. Slightly updated design.

A new spare is on order. They seem to get more expensive every time I order them (last was 2016). I am going to have a machine shop try to fix the old and make it a little beefier this time.

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