Puerto Escondido, BCS

We visited our boat friends on ‘Ramble on Rose’ last year at Pto Escondido. We are glad we came back for another visit. The Pto has a great mooring field and awesome slips, but all very BCS pricey. Traveling to Loreto for supplies is more difficult – required a taxi or car rental – than Nuevo Vallarta. We met up with our Italian friends Gemma and Sergio on ‘Zoe’ who had already rented a car so we lucked out on that challenge.

We drove up to the first Jesuit mission founded May 11, 1699. We were there on the anniversary date so a was underway. There were dignitaries and a few well-armed police.

Gemma & Serg at the mission

Later in Loreto we lunched, wandered, and provisioned. So nice to share a car to get around.

Back at Pto Escondido we checked out the restaurant and were awed by the yachts there for the fishing tournament over the weekend. The marina had several fuel deliveries to keep these behemoths full of go-juice.

Our view of Pto Escondido fishing boats

One kind of sad note was watching an abandoned vessel dive under the water while we watched from a few hundred yards away. Abandoned vessels are a problem for the marinas, for other boaters, and for their neglecting owners.

We are up here on a quick trip to anchor and explore postcard perfect beaches and bays. We won’t be staying on this mooring very long.

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