Isla Coronados

This picture perfect bay was spectacular with turquoise water with a volcano as the backdrop.  It was a nice stop after a great day of sailing.

After we set anchor, Dave rowed the dinghy to shore and we walked the beach. We snorkled by the rocks by the beach but were a little disappointed because the water was a bit cloudy from the wind. We met a group of people from LA. They were excited for our adventure and gave us a beer while we told sea stories. 

On the way back to the boat, we met a couple on another dinghy that invited us to hike to the top of the volcano the next day. Awesome!

That night, our friends from Italy joined us for dinner. It was a relaxing evening with good food and great company. 

0730 came early! As we hiked up the dormant volcan, I realized I had not done cardio in some time; the people we were hiking with were very patient with me. I was slow but made it to the top! Beautiful views made the hike worth it. Dave’s hikers finally gave in, and the souls fell off! He had another layer, so he was able to finish the hike with enough foot protection to be somewhat comfortable. When we got back to the boat, it was time for a nap!

That afternoon, we set out to snorkel by the small cove west of our boat. A family we met in San Diego came alongside of us and said they were heading there as well. It was nice to reconnect.  The snorkeling was much better in this area. The water was clear, and we saw a school of  hundreds of fish and smaller schools of clown fish and more. We saw some rays but no Morey eels.

The night ended with a total lunar eclipse. It was a good day!