Isla San Francisco

This beautiful island is one of the reasons we came to the Sea of Cortez.  Crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, good holding for the anchor.  Once we anchored it was time for a swim and snorkel.  Just as we jumped in, we saw a school of rays swim right under us.  Local knowledge said they were Mobie rays. These are the ones that jump and don’t sting. 

The first day we took the  paddle boards to shore and hiked across the salt ponds to a beach with lots if agates.  There were also a couple of art displays made out of rocks.  Very cool! Dave did an explore with board to the north shore and south shore to check out snorkeling spots.  He saw more fish on the north shore.   It was getting a little late in the afternoon so we just took the boards and watched the fish from the paddle boards.  Don’t forget sunset. It was spectacular, setting behind the mountains showing off the colors in the rocks.

The Next day we paddle boarded to shore and hiked the southern ridge.  We saw beautiful vistas of the salt ponds and the main bay.  the turquoise water was our next snorkeling destination.  We saw 2 star fish, lots of black fish with yellow stripes and clams.  It was a full day. 

We did have some wind come up from the west and gave a little rocking overnight but it was well worth the roll. 


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