Passage to the Sea

We left Paradise Village Marina on May 3 heading to Muertos Bay on the Baja peninsula.  We figured it would take us about 48 hours to arrive.  This would be the longest passage Dave and I took alone.  I put my big girl panties on and off we went.

We had little wind and what we did have was coming on our nose, of course.   The first night we had a crescent moon and some clouds.  We were still able to see Scorpio, Orion and with the Sky Map app, we saw many more stars.  When I came on shift at 0400, Venus and Jupiter were very close together out our back window.

I lucked out and took the 2000 to midnight shift and Dave had the midnight to 0400 shift.  Then I came on shift.  There was not much shipping traffic. Dave saw one cruise ship and I didn’t see any boats at all.

The second day and night were very similar to the first. Motoring or motor sailing was the norm.  Surprisingly we were not too tired to keep going.  Seeing the beautiful mountains of the Baja Peninsula inspired us.  We decided to head to Balandra Bay just east of La Paz.  It is post card beautiful.   Once there we set the anchor had a beer then crashed.  All in all it was a good passage with fair seas.


  1. Nice! I’m really enjoying your adventure! Glad to see the safety harness for the on watch crew! Do you see or hear whales much?

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    1. We did see quite a few in February and March, not as much now. We did see a couple while we have been in the sea of Cortez.


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