San Evaristo

Next stop was San Evaristo!  This is a small fishing village with about 20 families.  There were a couple of boats here that were in our previous anchorage.   It was good to see friendly faces.  We also met some other boaters on our way to shore and they joined us at the restaurant.

There is a restaurant on the beach that has awesome fish tacos, cold beer and WIFI!  We were starting to have internet withdrawal symptoms.  Once we were able to email our friends and family we felt better.  I started texting but those did not go through so we switched to email.   I think we might get used to not having internet all the time, but our Wordle streak is suffering!

We did hike to the salt flats here and were joined by cows and burrows.  Dave and I decided that we would still buy our salt from the store!

One thought on “San Evaristo

  1. I wondered what the restaurant was like. The restaurant was closed when we got there. Needed a beer that day pretty bad. It’s good to see you two getting off the boat and exploring. Our SofC experience was lacking in that area and it’s great to be able to live vicariously through you and Dave. Gives us more reason to get back there. Love the pics and enjoy reading your blog. 👍

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