Nov. 20 left Muertos for Frailes

Saw porpoises playing in our bow wake, several boats heading north.  Seas were flat. It was sunny but a nice breeze as we scoot along at 6kts. There are sections of beaches with some houses on them. I’m not sure how they get there but there are enough of them to know there are roads probably going to San Jose Del Cabo or LA Paz.

As we were dropping the anchor there was a pod of rays jumping to greet us. So cool. Anchor down, swimsuits on, dry bag packed with drinks, and off to swim to Star Passage.  We had a great visit and said goid night so we could get back before sunset. Dave and I had a nice night, watching the sunset and full moon rise. Amazing. Life is good.

We take off early for Mazatlan at first light.

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